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About BASTET Jewel

All starts from Musee Du Louvre



Bastet Jewellery London has been established in 2020.
From sourcing, pricing, marketing and production, we consumed one year to proceed.

Our vision is to use gemstones to create handcrafted jewellery and let customers wear our jewellery creations to enlighten every beautiful moment of life, from birth to engagement, to wedding, to anniversary.

We achieved our dreams to build up this brand!


The founder Sonia had honeymoon holiday with her husband. She visited Musee du Louvre and was impressed by Egyptian Jewellery and its designs. Start to study about gemstones and gold findings.

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Handcrafted in England

We are based in London, England where we take inspiration from the beautiful paradise that surrounds us. We strive to live our most authentic and free lives and hope to inspire others to do the same.

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