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5 Hottest Accessory Trends 2023

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

The right accessories can always make even the most basic outfits look glam.

It's more personal, intimate, and unique to different people's styles. From glasses to earrings, even the smallest of accessories can change your outfit instantly.

Get started to plan your look with five best fashion trends for 2022, all of which will bring you some new ideas for your dressing sense.

Chunky Gold Hearts

Chloe runway show and Chanel show highlighted the heaviest metals with heart pendant gold chains.

photo source:

Chunky Gold Heart Long Necklace Gold Chain, £8.40

Y2K Smiley Face Beads

photo source: Zara Dress

Hand Knitting Crochet Hat with Smiley Face Beads, £18.20

Crochet Hat for Summer, Green colour and Yellow colour as options

Rainbow Phone Charms, £10

Power Pearls is BACK!

photo source: Emma Watson

Miami Rainbow Earrings, £7.99

Natural Pearls, Amethyst and Purple Cubic Zirconia Diamond and Star Bead Earrings, £10

Elegant Pearl Choker, £12.60

Tropicool Vibe

photo source: miu miu runway - beaded necklace

Natural Imperial Stone Tear Drop Stud Earrings, £10

Summer Beaded Flower Long Dangle Earrings, £12

Summer Beach Beaded Dangle Earrings, £16

ZOYLINK Drop Dangle Earrings Flower Personalized Colourful Stud Earrings, £10.05

Beaded Gemstones

Natural Turquoise Gemstone Necklace , £14

photo source: Carrie drama: And Just Like That...

Lovely Beaded Gemstone Bracelets, £12.99

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